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3 years ago

31 – Le Corbusier – 5 – Urbanism – Of Men & Asses

The first of a two part episode exploring Le Corbusier’s infamous and much-derided urban proposals, exhibited in the Esprit Nouveau Pavilion in 1925. In this part, we’re conducting a close reading of ‘Urbanism’ (sometimes known as ‘The City of Tomorrow and its Planning’).

We mostly stayed on topic but there are allusions to

  • Camillo Sitte
  • Augustus Welby Pugin’s ‘Comparisons’

Music —

  • Glass Boy ‘WELP’
  • Lovira ‘All Things Considered’
  • Loyalty Freak Music ‘Once More With You’ and ‘Waiting TTTT’
  • Three Chain Links ‘Heavy Traffic’
  • All from the Free Music Archive

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