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3 years ago

28 – Le Corbusier – 3 – Towards a New Architecture

A new epoch has begun! Le Corbusier’s ‘discovery’ is that the style of future architecture is to be found new inventions of the machine age — planes, cars, ocean liners. But ‘Towards a New Architecture’ is, at its heart, an argument for a fusion of timeless values and contemporary technology — provocatively encapsulated in its juxtaposition of a sports car and the Parthenon.

We went through the book in order, focussing on the chapters:

  • The Engineer’s Aesthetic
  • Three Reminders to Architects
    - Regulating Lines

  • Eyes Which Do Not See

  • The Pure Creation of the Mind
  • Architecture or Revolution

Mentioning along the way: LC’s early books

  • ‘Etude sur le mouvement d’art décoratif en Allemagne’, ‘Apres Le Cubisme’, ‘L’Art decoratif d’aujourdhui’, ‘La peinture moderne’
  • Adolf Loos
  • Piranesi’s ‘Campo Marzo’
  • The Ecole des Beaux Arts
  • Poché as a heuristic
  • Christopher Alexander’s ‘A Pattern Language’
  • Rob Krier ‘Architectural Design’
  • Greek temples in Athens and Paestum
  • Michelangelo
  • Patrick Schumacher’s ’Autopoiesis of Architecture’
  • at the end I sort of talked rather half-heartedly about Full Luxury Communism

Music is by Lee Rosevere
From the albums ‘Music for Podcasts’ and ‘Music for Podcasts 2’ ‘Musical Mathematics’, ‘Biking in the park’, ‘Featherlight’, ‘Places Unseen’

The outdo is by Mde. Ed. Bolduc ‘J’ai un bouton sur la langue’ archive.org

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